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Peter Doran


Peter Doran is an Irish Singer and Songwriter. His fourth album, the self-produced “Outlines”, is set for release this October. Since the release of his first record “Wood” in 2006, each album has seen an evolution in his sound, his songwriting and his voice. “Outlines” is the songwriter’s most sparse and direct album to date. The album was recorded in a small house in the Irish countryside with a focus on song-craft and performance above all else.

Peter’s combination of vocals and melody create a natural intimacy, one that makes the listener feel as though he is sharing his best kept secrets with them. With a great vocal range, the indie/alternative folk singer brings forth music that is well rounded and raw. His songs travel to unexpected places and draw the listener in, leaving a lasting impression that resonates long after a song has ended.Having opened up for the likes of Fionn Regan and Emmett Tinley and citing writing influences from Bob Dylan and John Steinbeck, to Tom Waits and Salman Rushdie, it is easy to see why Doran radiates both honesty and mystery from every lyric and note performed.
Following the release of “Wood” (2006) and “Sleepless Street” (2010), Peter Doran used the fan-funded platform PledgeMusic to raise the funds needed to record 2012′s “Overhead The Stars” with Italian Producer Filippo Gaetani. The album was recorded at the famed Grouse Lodge Studios in Westmeath, Ireland (Michael Jackson, Muse, Snow Patrol). “Overhead the stars” was a Big record, a band record, a soaring musical statement with every song pushed to its limit. With “Outlines” Peter wanted to bring the songs in another direction, or rather not force them in any direction at all, instead the songs were given room to breathe and float like smoke in the air.

Er ist zur Zeit noch ein hoch gehandelte Geheimtipp in der irischen Musikszene und es wird ein unglaublich eindrucksvolles Erlebnis werden ihn und seine feinen, fast transparent wirkenden Songs, die von seiner Stimme und Gefühl an einen frühen David Gray erinnern – in dieser Phase seiner Musikkarriere noch so hautnah und in lockerer privater Atmosphäre genießen zu dürfen …