Beginn 20:00   Einlass 19:00
Abendkasse 12,– Euro
Vorverkauf 10,– Euro
Mitglieder Klever Jazzfreunde e. V.  8,– Euro
Schüler ab 13 J., Studenten 6,– Euro

Vorverkauf Buchhandlung Hintzen, Kleve, Hagsche Straße  46 bis 48

Ari Hest


With his smoky, soothing voice and introspective lyrics, this acoustic singer/songwriter channels “poignant, acoustic reverie” (USA Today) in captivating shows.

Ari Hest began performing as a student at NYU in the early 2000s where he developed his storytelling approach to his music and entrancing stage presence.

“An urbane folk-rocker with a sonorous baritone, Ari Hest sounds like a man out of time.”—The Washington Post

Along with his notable originals “Cranberry Lake” and “Dead End Driving,” Hest is known for his prolific covers, including nuanced interpretations of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire” and Radiohead’s “No Surprises.”

„I’ve always been the introspective type. I guess as a singer-songwriter you’re gonna have some of that anyway in your makeup. My previous records were inward most of the time, but ‘Shouts and Whispers’ has another distinct angle, one of understanding the world I live in and embracing how I fit into it a bit easier than I used to.” Hest has released seven albums, three EPs, and „52“ in 2008, an innovative project whereby he wrote, recorded and released a new song every Monday for a full year. In addition, Hest is half of the folk pop duo The Open Sea, along with longtime friend Rosi Golan. His music has been featured on numerous television shows including Private Practice, Army Wives, and One Tree Hill. Recently, Ari’s song “The Landlord” appeared in an episode of NPR’s “All Things Considered”. He’s also scored a film called ‘Dreamriders,’ which won several independent film awards. And throughout his career, he has toured worldwide to support his records, most recently in Germany as well as several European countries, and built the kind of loyal fan base any musician would envy.